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Two Weeks Until The Webward Deadline

There are only two weeks left to enter the 18th annual WebAward Competition for Website Development. Entries are accepted from all over the world and compete in 96 different industry categories.

Few Website award programs recognize the individual achievement behind the creation of today’s top web sites the way we do at the Web Marketing Association. We believe it is important to recognize the people and organizations responsible for developing some of the most effective and best web sites on the Internet today. It’s a great morale builder.

Whether you enter this website award to help impress your clients, impress your boss, justify your interactive budget, create an Internet marketing opportunity, or receive valuable feedback regarding the status of your own website development efforts, you will be impressed with how easy it is to enter. When you enter the WebAwards, you also will experience how exciting it can be to win the recognition you deserve!

Enter today at

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IAC Winners Update

We have been told by our award Manufacturer, Society Awards, that the initial Best of Industry crystal statues for each of the winners has been produced and shipped to the nominator associated with the winning entry. Certificates for Outstanding Online Advertising winners were also shipped this week.

The awards ordered from the WMA Recognition Center are currently in production and will be shipped as soon as they are completed.

Winners can order additional personalized awards to recognize their achievement at the WMA Recognition Center.

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Attributes of Award Winning Websites Study is now available from the Web Marketing Association

The Web Marketing Association is releasing the results of a new report entitled Attributes of Award Winning Websites – A study of the 2013 WebAward winners and what made them successful. Our goal is to provide the Web development community with insights into current industry trends by examining various aspects of websites selected as winners in the 2013 WebAward competition for website development and comparing them to those entries that were not selected as winners. 
“We think this study will help give those developing websites important insights into industry development trends,” said William Rice, President of the Web Marketing Association. “Since 2006, we have gathered demographic data on the sites entered. Whether you are in an agency or a corporate interactive marketing department, it is always difficult to benchmark your efforts and demonstrate to senior management and/or clients how your efforts compare. The results of this study will be one way to help accomplish that task.”
The study includes information on the following topics:
Target Audience
Development Platform
Programming Platform
Who developed the site
The study also examines specific website features including:
Email Mailing List
RSS Feeds
Use of Flash
Live Chat
Use of Audio and Video
Inclusion of Banner Ads
Shopping Cart
Multiple Languages
To see what we found from the 1,092 sites submitted to the WebAwards in 2013 in our free 24 page Attributes of an Award Winning Website Study, please go to

To enter the 2014 WebAward Competition for Website Development, please go to the Website.
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Outstanding Website Developers

Each year the WebAward Competition for Website Development has special awards for though interactive agencies who excel in web development across multiple clients. Last year, 19 agencies and companies were also recognized as Outstanding Website Developers for winning six or more awards in the 2013 WebAward Competition. They are:

AGENCY (Number of Awards)
Biggs|Gilmore – 24
TravelClick – 24
SapientNitro – 15
Sabre Hospitality Solutions – 15
BGT Partners – 15
TMP Worldwide – 15
CareTech Solutions – 11
Cuker Interactive – 10 – 9
Nebo – 9
Positioner SA – 8
4SPOTS – 7
Atlantic BT – 7
Roundarch Isobar – 7
TopSpot Internet Marketing – 6
RED Interactive Agency – 6
Miles – 6
Red Clay Interactive – 6
HeBS Digital – 6

Risdall Marketing Group was named Top Agency at the 2013 WebAward ompetition, taking home 37 WebAwards. This is the second time Risdall has won the Top Agency WebAward.  The Top Agency award is given to recognize the consistently outstanding development going on at interactive firms.

In the 2014 WebAwards competition, agencies and companies will again compete not only for the Top Agency Award, but also for the Outstanding Website Developer Award.

Enter today and win the recognition you deserve.