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What does 2007 hold for Web Development?

When I think back to the first WebAward competition back in 1997, The Internet was a different place. There were plenty of significant award programs for the advertising community – Clio, Cannes, Echo, etc. – but nothing for the emerging world of interactive. We set out to be the first industry based award program for Web site development and for more than a decade have recognized the best web sites on the Internet.

During that time, what constituted an award-winning Web site has changed as well. In 1997, most Web sites were no more than online bill boards with a few hyper links for navigation. The top sites were introducing forms-based calculators and personalization was limited to returning different hard-coded pages based on user selections.

Last year, the WebAward award-winning Web sites were truly a showcase for best practices of Internet development. Web sites today are database-driven dynamic business tools that are important business tools. Each industry has different expectations of from their web sites which is why the WebAwards has 96 industries that allow each Web site to be judged and benchmarked with its peers.

What does 2007 hold? Well, we’ll find out as the WebAward call for entry ends this month and the judging begins in June. Already the judges have started discussing what the current state of the art Web sites are going and what they expect from a Web site. If you have not entered already, now is the time get establish your nominator account and enter your Web sites into this important recognition program. Last year’s participants can use our one click entry form from their nominator account.

If you have not yet participated in a WebAward program, now is the perfect time. Not only can you receive recognition for your Web development efforts and a great marketing opportunity for your Websites, but you also will receive important feedback data that will benchmark your site to those with in the industries you participate in.

If you want to learn more about entering the 2007 WebAwards, visit our WebAward Website.