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Media coverage of ISAR Study

The Web Marketing Association’s Internet Standards Asessment Report continues to draw the intererst of the media.

Here are a few examples of recent media coverage of the report:

Yahoo News:Education Web Sites Benchmarked in New Internet Study

WebProNewsKing Content Takes Queen Interactivity

Web Site Services MagazineISAR Report

Independent Agent Magazine
Insurance Industry Lacks Dynamic Web

Insurance Journal Insurance Web Sites Benchmarked in New Study

The Bivings Report What Industries Have the Best/Worst Websites?

LexBlogLaw firm websites below average : Internet Standards Assessment Report

WebProNewsGaming Sites, Great; PR Sites, No

About the Internet Standards Assessment Report

Recently the Web Marketing Association released a study
based on nearly ten thousand Web site evaluations in more than eighty
industries since 1997. The Internet Standards Assessment Report
(ISAR) is the results of nearly a decade of independent evaluations of Web site
development based on seven criteria critical to a successful Web site: design,
innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copywriting and ease of use from the annual WebAward Competition for Web site development.

To receive a copy of The Internet
Standards Assessment Report
or to learn more about the Web Marketing
Association’s WebAward program please visit: