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MobileWebAward Hints and Tips Available

What is the best way to win a MobileWebAward from the Web Marketing Association? To enter of course! 
However there are ways to improve your chances when the judging starts. During August and September, tips and hints will be posted to the Web Marketing Association’s Facebook Page  to help you position your entry in the best possible light. 
So here are the first 5 tips to get a step ahead of the competition. 

MobileWebAward Tip #1 – Enter your responsive website. Many organizations are moving away from dedicated mobile site in favor of a responsive overall website. These sites are welcome in the MobileWebAwards and will demonstrate to senior management and clients the foresight in developing a responsive site.
MobileWebAward Tip #2 – Pay Attention to the Audience and Mission Statement. The judges use the audience and mission statement to get a sense of what you are trying to accomplish.  It puts things into perspective for them. If you are too vague or worst too long winded, the judges will go on what that think the goal of the site should be and it may not be what you expect. You don’t have to include results, just who you are targeting and why.
MobileWebAward Tip #3 – One of the best ways to understand award winning mobile websites and apps is to become a competition judge. Nominator yourself or someone within your company at
MobileWebAward Tip #4 – Tell Your Other Offices. One of the most prestigious awards given out each year is the Top Agency award, given to the agency which wins the most awards in a given year. If your agency has multiple offices or international offices, make sure they submit their entries also. We will combine all offices of the same company to count for that award.
MobileWebAward Tip #5 – Select the Most Appropriate categories. The best way to pick the category your site will compete in is by saying to yourself “What would be best for my marketing program if I win?”  Many categories overlap because over the years people complained that they were one and not the other. The other thing to consider is how competitive the category might be. The “Mutual Fund” category is narrower than the “Financial Services” category and might be easier to take the top prize. However, Best Financial Services Website might have more cache for your marketing efforts. Sometimes the best idea is to enter both categories and double your chances to win.