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Landing Page Design: What’s Working

Recently the Web Marketing Association and MarketingShepa held a Teleconference on landing page design that was extremely well attended.

In the teleconference we:

• Discussed five types of Landing Page Tests that work best for increasing conversion rates
• Examined real creative samples and their results
• Covered examples of increased conversions for PPC dynamic search, registration forms, creative elements, SEO landings, and mobile email
• Revealed biggest tips on measuring landing pages

If you’re interested in giving your conversions up to a 48% lift, increasing your average shopping cart, and making your job easier with proven guidelines on what really works, you can download the slides here and then listen to the Landing page design seminar recording here.

Please note: This presentation was based on new data from the report, “MarketingSherpa Landing Page Handbook (2008 edition)“. If you are serious about creating better landing pages and improving conversions, then this report is a must read.

The Internet Advertising Competition Awards also has a category for microsites and landing pages. This is a great way to have other experts judge the effectiveness of your work and get recognized for your achievement.