The Team

  • Client Partner: Eric Moore
  • Director of eBusiness: Jonathan Lochhaas (XM)
  • Project Manager: Michelle Shableski
  • Creative Director: Sharon Chang
  • Technology Leads: Jim Brooks, Miles Kafka
  • Programmers: Todor M., Arjun G., Gowri S., Abe M., Shadeed W., Brian G., Navin B., Hellmut A. (XM), Masha W. (XM)
  • Experience Lead: Vincent Santo
  • Copywriter: Stephanie Hale
  • Functional Analysts: Molly Michel, Damien Reilley, Kim Bryant (XM), Julie Manning (XM)
  • Presentation Layer Developers: Pete O’Neil, William Chan, Heather White (XM), Erik Mangor (XM)

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