About the Agency

Vital is an 18-year-old, 70+ person agency headquartered in Portsmouth, NH with offices in San Francisco and Boston. What differentiates Vital is the by-product of how we have built and structured the agency. We have two different divisions: Our Creative Services Division (CS) builds and deploys 50+ websites a year and manages the associated hosting, maintenance and updates programs. It also provides more 4 traditional branding and product development services. Our Digital Marketing Division (DM) manages ongoing monthly relationships with 75+ digital marketing clients. Although each relationship is different, the goal of our clients is the same: to use the digital assets we have built together to drive more traffic, more leads, more customers and ultimately more revenue. These proactive lead generation retainers provide digital marketing strategies in areas like inbound marketing, SEO, content marketing, UX/UI, conversion (CRO) and paid digital media (social and PPC).

The Team

  • Project Manager: Jenny Salchunas
  • Director of Creative Services: Amanda Gamester
  • Director of Accounts: Lauren Reilly
  • Creative Director: Ali Baxter
  • Developer: Abdul Rahuman
  • Developer: Murali Yoga
  • SEO Strategist: Dave Currier
  • Senior Content Strategist: Emma Pearson
  • Quality Assurance / Project Coordinator: Bianca Mutch
  • Quality Assurance / Project Coordinator: Nora Sullivan



United States