About the Client

Knovel integrates validated content, optimized search, and data analysis tools – enabling engineers to solve problems quickly.

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The Team

  • Senior Director, Product Management; Elsevier: Ray Saifzadeh
  • Senior Director, Product Management; Elsevier: Diana Bittern
  • Director of Product Management; Elsevier: Vladimir Pezel
  • Senior Product Manager, Content; Elsevier: Jim Harper
  • Sr. Manager, Project Management & Business Analysis; Elsevier: Fan Wang
  • Director of Technology, Reference Solutions; Elsevier: Johnny Cheung
  • Sr. Interaction Designer; Elsevier: Jack Bellis
  • Sr. Project Manager; Elsevier: Irina Miretskiy
  • Software Engineering Lead; Sysvine: Rajkumar Dilip
  • Software Engineering Lead; Elsevier: Ilya Paliatayeu
  • UX Design Lead; DOOR3: Rick Cornett
  • Senior UX Designer; DOOR3: Chris Macholz
  • UX Designer; DOOR3: Nayoung Kim
  • Engagement Manager; DOOR3: Michael Montecuollo