About the Agency

Algoworks is an IT service provider recognized globally as technology experts with offices in Sunnyvale, California and Noida, India. Spanning a decade, they are proud to serve customers from US, UK, Europe, East Asia, South America and the Middle-East.

The Team

  • Director / Vision: Pratyush Kumar
  • Marketing Head / Concept: Nauman Ahmad
  • Designer / Animations: Pranav Kumar
  • Content Unit: Debjani Gorai, Shweta Bhanda
  • Developer / Style: Anmol Tripathi, Dharmvir Patel
  • Research Specialists: Abhay Kumar, Pooja Roy
  • Support: Abhishek Singh, Rajesh Singh, Rupal Kakkar, Shiv Sharma, Sugandha Arora, Sushil Rathore