About the Client

JetBlue, the sixth largest airline in the United States, was eager to depart from "intranets of the past" with its reimagined intranet, HelloJetBlue.

HelloJetBlue, is a valuable tool designed to engage, educate and connect JetBlue’s global staff or “Crewmembers” to inform them about key news and resources. This mobile optimized intranet is designed for JetBlue’s remote staff, and is an integral component to the organization which is designed to build a sense of community.

HelloJetBlue features news, tools, alerts and resources to support the day-to-day operations for the airline. Imarc reimagined JetBlue’s previous intranet, with users in mind, to craft a tool that employees would want to engage with. HelloJetBlue incorporates the iconic brand’s identity through animation, tone and even it’s use of puns, such as “That’s Fly” when a user “likes” content featured on the site.

The new HelloJetBlue gives Crewmembers a means to connect in ways that they couldn’t before by communicating important company news, personal travel experiences and mentioning and sharing content with fellow Crewmembers.

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The Team

  • Former Director of Corporate Communications, JetBlue: Cynara Charles-Pierre
  • Former Digital and Online Communications Manager, JetBlue: Jonathan Weitz
  • Manager of Corporate Communications, JetBlue: Sebastian White
  • Communications Manager, JetBlue: Kate McMillan
  • Managing Partner, CTO, Imarc: Dave Tufts
  • Managing Partner, CBDO, Imarc: Katie Desmond
  • Creative Director, Imarc: Jared Laham
  • Director of Experience, Imarc: Thomas Saraceno
  • Director of Engineering, Imarc: Jeff Turcotte
  • Lead Experience Engineer, Imarc: Marcel Moreau
  • Lead Strategist, Imarc: Robert Mohns
  • Lead Web Engineer, Imarc: Dan Collins
  • Lead Designer, Imarc: Paul Kelley
  • UX Engineer, Imarc: Tommy Chanthaboune