About the Client

Cricket Wireless is bringing consumers more value with a simple, friendly, and reliable nationwide wireless experience with no annual contract. The power of Cricket is our nationwide 4G LTE network that covers more than 300 million people; easy and affordable unlimited plans that are all in with taxes and fees included – no surprises; and a great selection of phones customers love. Cricket, Something to Smile About.

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The Team

  • Executive Director Digital Experience: Teresa Ward-Maupin
  • Director - Product Strategy: Dan Northington
  • Director - Digital Experience: Darrell Franklin
  • Executive Director - Development: Stephen Harris
  • Director - Development: Chris Morris
  • Development Team: Mitch Gunnells, Richard Cook, Stevo Persic, Viola Samuel, David Hastings
  • Development Team: Zhigang Wang, Brian Boyett, Anslem Marie
  • Content Team: Chris Hansen (Lead), Jamie Hirthler, Polly Hyatt, Katy Gibson
  • User Experience Team: Mandy Cornwell (Lead), Don Fernandez, Misty Sinclair, Karress Motley, Denis Sergeychik
  • Visual Design Team: Jeremy Dickens (Lead), David Crawford (Lead), Jaime McQuilkin, Jose Delgado
  • Project Management Team: May Lugemwa (Lead), Ashley Mease (Lead), Ebone Kittles
  • Product Management Team: Beth Kwiat (Lead), Anne Trapani, Don Turner, Norris Maxey, Blake McLaurin
  • Usability Team: John Kalagidis (Lead), Kayre Hylton