About the Client

40 years of success as one of the world’s largest providers of enterprise software calls for celebration. Thus the publication of “SAP Milestones”: an innovative and unique dynamic web magazine that belongs to the future of digital corporate communications. Based on HTML5 and CSS3, it provides app-like functionality (multi-touch gestures, etc.), and yet has several advantages over the typical app solution. Not only does “SAP Milestones” scale perfectly to fit any device, it also works independent of browser and operating system, is fully optimized for search engines, integrates multi-media without needing Flash, and boasts a cost-effective, one-time publication process. Best of all, the content is available at any time and in any location.

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The Team

  • Head of Marketing: Michael Zipf, SAP AG
  • Creative Director: Tim Grasmann, grasundsterne GmbH
  • Concept & Art Direction: Iris Fuchs, grasundsterne GmbH
  • Art Direction: Pia Haerle, grasundsterne GmbH
  • Graphic Design: Jan Meyer, grasundsterne GmbH
  • Programming: Pascal Gerundt, efficient information technologies GmbH
  • Graphic Design: Lea Thon, grasundsterne GmbH