About the Agency

Revolver 3 is an independent agency specialized in interactive marketing, communications and advertising. We develop and implement interactive projects, campaigns and tools which generate true interaction between people and brands. Our team is composed of almost 30 versatile professionals who contribute to creating relevant and personalized dialogues.

The Team

  • Agency: Revolver 3
  • Agency Producer: Dominique Faulkner
  • Creative Director: Patrice Martel
  • Art Director: Luc Bossé
  • Client Services: Michèle Bastien, Nathalie Langlois and Sébastien Viau
  • Information Architect: Domenico Micheletti
  • Designers: Patrick Williams and Simon Chénier
  • Graphic Artist: Myriam Ouellet-Greaves / Photographer: Francis Laroche (Alt6)
  • Programmers: Mudar Noufal, Eric Vaillancourt, and Mathieu Vaillancourt
  • Web Integrator: Nico Collin

Revolver 3