About the Agency

Beaconfire RED creates innovative digital experiences that inspire people to act for the greater social good. Beaconfire RED creates ROI-focused digital campaigns, designs user-centric websites and apps, and develops technology solutions that engage visitors and increase revenue.

The Team

  • Director of Public Affairs and Marketing (INFORMS): Jeff Cohen
  • Design & Brand Manager (INFORMS): Mary Leszczynski
  • Web Designer (INFORMS): Paige Riley
  • Web Developer (INFORMS): David Wirth
  • PR Manager (INFORMS): Ashley Kilgore
  • Sr. Sales and Marketing Manager (INFORMS): Tom Fink
  • Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales Manager (INFORMS): Olivia Schmitz
  • Marketing Coordinator (INFORMS): Kristy Totin
  • Graphic Designer (INFORMS): Max Resnick
  • Project manager (BF-RED): Russ Chettiar
  • UX Designer (BF-RED): Markell Williams
  • Creative Director (BF-RED): Eve Simon
  • Technical Lead (BF RED): David Sayre
  • Front-end Development Lead (BF-RED): Tim Arnold
  • Front-end Developer(BF-RED): Patrick Rittenhouse

Beaconfire RED