About the Agency

Teachade.com, the first social networking website designed specifically for educators, has grown into the leading FREE online source recognized by educators and industry leaders for its standard of excellence and achievement.

Because of its success in harnessing the online community, Teachade.com has become one of the most helpful educator resource sites on the Internet. TeachAde.com combines the best features of social networking with educational resources for K-20 educators along with a fundraising tool designed just for educators.

TeachAde.com is unique because it is one of only a few websites dedicated to supporting classroom teachers, while remaining completely free and easy to use. Members are able to interact and contribute by uploading and sharing a variety of files, including multimedia files and complete lesson plans, for others to download and enjoy. These files can then be distributed to the registered users of TeachAde based upon individual users� profiles. This complex back-end system tied to an easy to use "my workspace" page allows for one member, such as a talented fifth grade math teacher in Ohio, to connect others with whom they can share information or collaborate on current needs, such as a new fifth grade math teacher in California.

In addition to this easy-to-use resource matching tool, TeachAde.com publishes a weekly Money Blog For Educators. The TeachAde Money Blog is written by a certified financial planner with more than twenty years of experience. The TeachAde Money Blog is crafted with the educators� prospective in mind. The blogs and free teacher-vetted resources on TeachAde.com offer a robust community for educators collaborating on projects. TeachAde.com has also recently finalized a joint venture with Adopt-A-Classroom, allowing educators to register their classrooms and then be adopted by parents and community businesses to contribute funds to support their children�s classrooms. Adopt-A-Classroom, a non-profit 501c3 organization, is now featured prominently on the Home Page of TeachAde.com.

With these strong resources, blogs, public and private groups and a fund raising tool you only need one more item to make this site a truly great platform � Community. To that end, TeachAde.com has partnered with the National Education Association Member Benefits (NEAMB), representing 3.2 million K-12 educators across the United States. With this collaboration, TeachAde.com is set to become the most powerful educational resources web site around!

When you explore TeachAde.com and see how easy it is to use and how powerful the site has become, you will quickly see why TeachAde.com is among the best websites for educators today. TeachAde highlights over 58,000 free educational resources, tagged by categories such as grade, subject and strand, and in an easy-to-search database. New resources are automatically delivered to TeachAde online users in their "My WorkSpace" page (located under "What�s New"). There are over 400 groups on TeachAde.com, with the system allowing for groups to be tagged as public or private and related resources can be tagged in the same manner, allowing educators to work in groups and be assured of complete privacy.

The partnership with Adopt-A-Classroom allows TeachAde.com to help educators meet the demans of yearly out-of-pocket expenses for classroom materials. On average U.S. educators spend $1,200 per year of their own money on classroom supplies. Collaborating with the NEAMB allows TeachAde to connect with over 3.2 million educators across the USA. The TeachAde eBulletin, produced in conjunction with the NEA every ten days keeps the TeachAde community in touch with new resources and partner programs on TeachAde.com

The Team

  • Partner / Founder: Michael E. Pearce
  • Partner/Founder: Robert Potamkin
  • Partner: Christine Davies
  • CTO: Gopal Krishna Nair
  • Director of Marketing: Melissa Nichols
  • Technical Support: The Genisys Group

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