WebAward NFTs



The Web Marketing Association WebAward Competition for Website Development is the first award program to offer a Non-Fungible Token or NFT to commemorate achievement of winning a WebAward.

Web Marketing Association has minted 10 NFTs for each winning entry. NFTs will be available for sale on OpenSea.io and Coinbase.com for .015 ETH (about $20USD) beginning on September 30th.

Current NFTs available include:

  • Best of Industry – 2022
  • Outstanding Website – 2022
  • Standard of Excellence – 2022
  • Best of Show – 2010-2022
  • Top Agency – 2010-2022
  • Outstanding Website Developer – 2010-2022

The collection is available at https://opensea.io/collection/webawards.

Use the search tool to search for your company name in the “winners” property.