About the Agency

The Team

  • Project Sponsor: Kathryn Levine
  • Project Sponsor: Gary Harvey
  • Director, Digital Experience: Mary Moore
  • IT Director, Digital Experience: Ketan Joshi
  • Portfolio Owner: Tim Zetterholm
  • Content Strategist / Business Lead: Jeff Greer
  • Delivery Lead: James Waugh
  • Manager, Digital Experience: Brian Stager
  • Web Editor: Suzanne Yax
  • Web Editor: Janice Monarrez
  • Web Editor: Cathleen Hagan
  • Web Editor: Katherine Webb
  • Web Editor: Brittany Baker
  • Graphic Designer: Lisa Noble
  • Project Manager: Noelle Missant
  • Project Manager: Greg Pogarch
  • Innovation Manager, Experience Design, Maddock Douglas: Ross Leaver
  • Information Architect, Maddock Douglas: Cassie Slimmer
  • Vice President of Innovation Experiential Design, Maddock Douglas: Randy Simms
  • Director of Innovation, Maddock Douglas: Adaline Winkowski

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan