Web Award

The Webmaster is the soul of a Website.  They are responsible for developing and maintaining a collaboration of hardware and programming tied to an ever changing Internet.

The WebAward Competition is an opportunity to recognize the individuals and team efforts that are behind every great Website.

Winning a WebAward also provides a Webmaster with a valuable tool to be used in the marketing and promotion of a Website.


The 2005 WebAwards will  name the best Website in 96 industry categories.  Nomination will come from Webmasters, interactive agencies and in-house marketing departments in more than 22 countries from around the world.



Visit The Buzz page to see what other Internet professionals have to say about the WebAwards. Why WebAwards and Guideline pages will give you the details of how the competition works. Past winners can be found on the Winner search page.

The annual WebAward Competition is produced by the Web Marketing Association, founded in 1997 to set a high standard for Internet marketing and site development on the World Wide Web.

The 2005 Call for Entries for the 9th Annual WebAward Competition has begun!  To nominate your award winning site, go to our official entry form.


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