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Ten reasons why you should enter your website into the 2007 WebAwards

Ten reasons why you should enter your website into the 2007 WebAwards

10) If you wait until after the May 31st deadline (next week), you’ll have to pay a late fee.

9) Your mom would be proud of you.

8) You will receive important benchmark data for your entire industry and where your site ranks in each of the seven judging criteria.

7) Think of the PR opportunities – industry publications, blogs, websites, by-lined articles, podcasts, press releases, interviews – the sky is the limit.

6) A best of industry plaque containing your award winning site will look great in your office.

5) The WebAward logo on your site is like receiving the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for Web development.

4) Your clients and customers will be impressed at your industry recognition and so will your potential clients.

3) A link to will help your site’s search engine rankings because you will be linked to an 11-year old .org authoritative site with a high Google PageRank.

2) A Best of Industry award means you’re the best and you can prove it!

1) If you don’t win, we won’t tell anyone – and you still get the feedback.

Recognition and feedback, that is what you will receive when you enter the 2007 WebAward Competition for Website development. Winning accolades in the 2007 WebAwards – the Internet’s premier award recognition program, is a great way to stand out from others in your industry. You will also receive valuable feedback from our judges and benchmarks for your industry. But you won’t get anything if you don’t enter!

The 11th Annual WebAward competition deadline for entry is May 31st, only on week away, and you can submit your site for review at Avoid a late fee by completing your Web site entries before the deadline.

Even the most amazing sites are all but invisible without the proper recognition. Enter the 2007 WebAwards and receive the recognition you deserve!