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Net.Finance Conference

The Web Marketing Association will be appearing at several leading conferences this Spring to support the 2007 WebAward Competition. The WMA is a association sponsor of this event.

Net.Finance 2007
April 16th-19th
Camelback Inn, Scottsdale, AZ

Optimize Your Online Channels To Develop And Drive Customer-Centric Marketing Strategies:

•Align Your Marketing Strategies To Provide Products & Services Your Customers Truly Need And Want

•Improve the Customer Experience To Boost Customer Acquisition, Satisfaction, And Loyalty

•Address The Challenges of Multi-Channel Integration To Achieve Channel Consistency And Interoperability

•Secure Your Online Channels Through Authentication And Effective Risk Management

All Web Marketing Association blog readers are entitled to a 15% discount with code WMA, just call 1.888.482.6012 or visit the Net.Finance website.