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How are the WebAward award levels determined?

We are often asked how the winners are selected for the Web Marketing Association’s WebAward program. So here is an overview of how it works.

First all of the sites that have nominated (2007 Nomination deadline is May 31st at are randomly assigned to multiple expert WebAward judges. The judges review the sites and score them on seven criteria critical for a successful Web site. Each criteria is scores on a maximum 10 points for a total possible score of 70 points.

The average of the highest two scores are used as the final score. This score is compaired to other sites entered within the industry and the highest score wins Best of Industry for that category. If the remaining entries received a score of 60 or greater, they received the Outstanding Website award. If the site score is below 60, but equal to or higher than the average score for the industry, then that entry will receive the Standard of Excellence WebAward.

Winning a WebAward is truly an honor, as a large number of sites do not win any award. More importantly, the WebAwards sets the standard for Web development and provides helpful feedback to all of the participants.