About the Agency

For 17 years, Axxiem has been designing, building, hosting and supporting biopharma firms on the web. Few firms have the focus and experience that we have in this industry. And this is why companies seek us out because, very simply, we speak their language and we help tell their stories effectively on the web.

The Team

  • President: Susan MH Lewenz
  • Project Manager: Nate Binzen
  • Medical Illustrator: Brandon Pletsch
  • Project Partner: Pankaj Gupta
  • Senior Programmer: Subrat Thayal
  • Design Consultant: Steven JD Lewenz
  • Client: Derek Chalmers , Ph.D.
  • Client: Frédérique Menzaghi, Ph.D.
  • Client: Josef Schoell
  • Editors: George & Bess Lewenz