About the Client

Like the city we call home, MMC is famous for its offerings in arts and culture.

But like everything else at MMC, our New York City creativity goes well beyond the expected: it infuses everything we do. Our students aren’t lost in some giant lecture hall. Instead, they’re figuring out new ways to help local kids who have speech impediments. They’re choreographing their own dance pieces that weave together ideas of identity, language, and belonging. They’re exploring how the sounds of the city affect their classmates’ moods. They’re designing imaginative chemistry experiments to answer questions about the world in which we live.

New York City creativity. It’s at the heart of the social movements our students ignite and the social problems they take on—like food insecurity, racial discrimination, poverty, and homelessness.

At Marymount Manhattan, we believe that if we nurture our students’ creativity, they will have the ability to find purpose, and adapt and grow throughout their lives. We also believe that through creative problem-solving, they will achieve our founders’ vision—of a just and equitable society in which each of us belongs because we’re different, and each of us makes an impact because we must.

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