About the Agency

Started in 2003 with 5 original team members, TopSpot has been one of the fastest growing search marketing firms in Houston, Texas. With over 100 team members based in our home office and 20 sales representatives across the United States, TopSpot's current customer base exceeds 800.
Our team takes pride in building sites that are not only recognized by our peers as being above the industry standard but as websites that also deliver results for our clients and help to improve their overall web presence.

The Team

  • President: David Underwood
  • Vice President of Operations: Anita Perez
  • Vice President of Sales: Tim Doyle
  • Director of Client Services: Whitney Kane
  • Director of Marketing: Beth Shockley
  • Client Strategies Manager: Lauren Kunze
  • Sales Consultant: Kathy Hennessey
  • Web Team: Grant McCracken, Paula Santos, Stephen Rifai
  • Customer Relationship Team: Hayley Talkington, Ayushi Sanchorawala, Kelly Stalnaker
  • TopSpot Analytics & IT Team:



United States