About the Agency

Your business is unique. So is CIPR Communicaitons' approach. You and your business goals are at the centre of everything we do. CIPR's strategies, execution, and reporting focus on adding value.

That's why we take the time upfront with our strategy-first approach - this allows us to understand your business and goals, your competitive environment, your past marketing and communications successes and failures, and the strength of your current marketing and communications foundation.

We believe in - Transparent Marketing and Communications with Clear Results.

The Team

  • Executive Director, Métis Crossing: Juanita Marois
  • Site Manager, Métis Crossing: Leon Hunter
  • Program Manager, Métis Crossing: Krista Leddy
  • Knowledge Holder, Métis Crossing: Lilyrose Myers
  • VP, CIPR Communications: Peter Pilarski
  • CEO, CIPR Communications: Christina Pilarski
  • Director Communications, CIPR Communications: Brad Stables
  • Manager Web Projects, CIPR Communications: Caron Anderson
  • Manager Development, CIPR Communications: Jatinder Rawat

CIPR Communications