The Team

  • VP Internet Business and Mobile: Steve Smith
  • Director of Mobile and Digital Experience : Pete Meoli
  • Manager of Digital Experience and Carolyn Tran
  • Digital Experience Team Leads: Caleb Stephens, Cory Drakeford, Dave Prescott, Harris Cauler, Joey Potts, Sandra Wingert
  • Team Leads: Brent Ruhle, Paul Millner
  • Developers: Brad Adelman, Mikey Aguila, Brian Gallagher, Tina Ma, Cole Marlar, Rich Vuong, Jomar Thomas Almonte
  • Analysts/Content: Nate Erb, Julie Hubbard, Kevin Davis, Tamara Joiner, Carolyn McKinney, Emily Wardell
  • Experimentation Team: Rachel Gray, Anne Robinson, Vickie Evans, Chris Wong
  • Mobile Product Marketer: Madisen Farley
  • Digital Experience Team UX/UI: Alejandro De Jesus, Mike Aiello, Kat Campbell-Houston, Rose Prince, Mike Russell, Beth McCormick
  • Digital Experience Team UX/UI: Kara Bougher, Leona Chan