About the Agency

Beaconfire RED creates innovative digital experiences that inspire people to act for the greater social good. Beaconfire RED creates ROI-focused digital campaigns, designs user-centric websites and apps, and develops technology solutions that engage visitors and increase revenue.

The Team

  • Talana Lattimer: - Senior Director, Multimedia & Creative Services (RILA)
  • Caroline Stec: Senior Manager, Communications (RILA)
  • Annie Buckalew: Senior Manager, Customer Systems (RILA)
  • Chase Shields: Coordinator, Creative Services (RILA)
  • Russ Chettiar: Project Manager/Functional Consultant (BF RED)
  • Eve Simon: Visual Designer (BF RED)
  • Kathi Bahr : Creative Director (BF RED)
  • Carlos Orozco: Project Manager (Blue Modus)
  • John Fager: Tech Lead (Blue Modus)

Beaconfire RED