About the Agency

Outsell offers the first AI-driven marketing automation platform that empowers automotive dealerships and OEMs to create lasting customer relationships driving incremental sales and profits. Our proprietary technology harnesses massive amounts of data creating accurate and powerful consumer profiles that engage your customers and prospects exactly where they are in their individual lifecycles. That’s why Outsell is the trusted platform for over 1500 dealers representing all major automotive brands. To learn more, visit www.Outsell.com or follow us at @Outsell.

The Team

  • Creative Strategy/Direction: Ro Vedant, DSplus
  • Art Direction: Luke Franz, DSplus
  • Copywriting: Marco Sodoma, DSplus
  • Animation: Paul Bastien, DSplus
  • Account Management: Brittany Anderson, DSplus
  • Project Management: Alexa Wiles, DSplus
  • Insights Manager : Craig Vore, Outsell
  • Production Coordinator: Rhiannon Nelson, Outsell
  • Front End Coder: Heather Elliott, Outsell
  • Senior Account Manager: Betsy Habermann, Outsell
  • Front End Coder: Ryan Linn, Outsell
  • Account Management: Nicole Kittner, DSplus