About the Agency

At NIC Hawaii, we bring government to the people. We manage the official website for the State of Hawaii, Hawaii.gov and our goal is to make interacting with the government easier for the public by bringing services online and improving government efficiency. NIC Hawaii was initially launched in 1999 and since then, over 160 online services have been deployed and over 2.5 million citizens visit us annually.

The Team

  • State Librarian: Stacey Aldrich
  • Public Libraries Branch Director: Stacie Kaneshige
  • Section Manager: Ann Fujioka
  • Branch Manager: Melissa LePage
  • Acting Director, Hawaii State Library: Marya Zoller
  • Section Manager: Susan Nakata
  • Library Development Services Section: Lauren Yamasaki
  • Project Manager: Rosie Warfield, Hawaii Information Consortium
  • User Experience Designer: Rachael Siciliano, Hawaii Information Consortium
  • Designer: Rika Torres, Hawaii Information Consortium
  • Developer: Christopher Cosner, Hawaii Information Consortium

Hawaii Information Consortium