About the Agency

MediaConcepts is an innovative provider of integrated digital solutions for global hospitality groups. We help clients drive revenue through their direct online channel by creating personalised and engaging experiences for their guests throughout their journey. We combine years of industry knowledge, user experience expertise, technological know-how, and a robust suite of integrated digital solutions, to help clients create emotional connections that drive conversion, satisfaction and loyalty. Focused on enriching the guest experience at every touch point, our products and services include multi-device website design and development; a content management system (CMS) with strong workflow and personalisation capabilities; guest management and communication tool; integrated online booking without transactional fees; corporate and group booking; integration into property management systems; and a mobile application that offers guests a more intuitive way to access information and services during their stay. Hospitality groups with properties around the world, as well as independent hotels have trusted MediaConcepts’ expertise and solutions since our inception in 2002.

The Team

  • Vice President, Online & Marketing Communications, The Ascott Limited: Philomena Ang
  • Manager, Online & Marketing Communications, The Ascott Limited: Kian Tat Chong
  • Lead Architect, MediaConcepts: Mathangi Dumaimanickam
  • Development Team, MediaConcepts: Jayachandran Kamaraj, Raphael Ramores, Zeus Bangayan, Adrian Handarowicz and Nay Tha Tun
  • Lead User Experience and Design, MediaConcepts: Anthony Balao
  • Design, MediaConcepts: Maan Gerodias
  • Infrastructure, MediaConcepts: Allan Panganting and Nibin Mohanan
  • Project Management, MediaConcepts: Adrian Thue

MediaConcepts Pte Ltd