About the Agency

Italian excellence founded in 2001, today Websolute is an international digital company leading a network of top agencies specialized in digital strategy, e-commerce (both in terms of technology and management), performance marketing, mobile apps development, video storytelling and advertising, social media. It represents a partner for all those companies that consider digital a strategic asset to achieve business goals. Currently has 150 employees and 10 offices, one of which in China.

The Team

  • Digital strategy director: Claudio Tonti
  • Art director: Corrado Francolini
  • Project Leader: Dante Sperindio
  • Web designers: Barbara Mandelli, Fabio Ottaviani, Alessandro Falchi
  • Web developer : Roberto Piemonti
  • SEO specialist: Francesca Ondedei
  • Analytics specialist: Luca Ruggeri
  • Maintenance area: Giampiero Calma
  • DTC specialist: Valerio Aversa
  • Sales manager: Riccardo Urti

Websolute S.p.A.