About the Agency

Australian Unity is one of Australia’s oldest companies, with origins dating back more than 175 years.

Over the years we have grown in many ways but we have always promoted the wellbeing of everyday Australians, providing social infrastructure and services that have helped shape the nation. Back in the 1890s, one of our founding organisations played a key role in campaigning for Australia's federation. Australia's first two prime ministers, Sir Edmund Barton and Alfred Deakin were both members and so was the first Australian-born Governor-General in 1930, Sir Isaac Isaacs.

While we are proud of our heritage, Australian Unity is a business firmly focused on the future. Today, Australian Unity actively identifies and helps solve a diverse range of health and lifestyle needs to support the wellbeing of our members and the broader Australian community so that they can thrive.

The Team

  • Marketing Manager: Timeke Plymin
  • Head of Marketing: Kellie Johnston
  • Project Manager (Digital): Mick McBride
  • Development Team Leader: Suresh Kumar Kandasamy

Australian Unity Retirement Living