About the Agency

Webknowledgy is an interactive design and development firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We help clients build their brands and businesses online. Our tech-savvy team knows as much about design as they do about SEO/SEM, Social Business, analytics and complex back-end solutions. Weíre not a company thatís out to wow you with our fancy suits and expensive sounding lingo. We just want to help you use the web in ways that make money, make sense, and make your customers love you. Thatís all.

The Team

  • Calvary Lutheran Church - Business Administration: Jerry Gates
  • Calvary Lutheran Church - Content Development and PR: Barb Farland
  • Calvary Lutheran Church - Communications: MariKay Nelson
  • Calvary Lutheran Chuch - Audio: David Weeks-Wynne
  • Elexio - Creative: Jim Smith
  • Elexio CMS: Tom Kline
  • Webknowledgy: Nathan Almquist