About the Client

At Mattel, we believe that PLAY is essential to children's development and benefits kids in vital ways, PLAY helps build a strong foundation for learning, PLAY develops creativity and nurtures imagination, PLAY fosters healthy relationships, PLAY promotes joy and self-esteem and PLAY prepares kids to handle change. We invite you to PLAY! Have fun exploring all the ways that we imbue a sense of wonder and pure imagination in our toys, our brands and online experiences!

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The Team

  • Creative Director, Account Director: Jessica Barnes
  • Account Manager, Senior Producer: Jen Rohr
  • Executive Producer, Web: Jen Freeman
  • Producers: Ashley Ernst, Lindsay Lewin, Steve Markey
  • Designers : Devi Pellerin, Jason Henrickson, Eric Goetz
  • Chief Technology Officer: Victor Allen
  • Associate Technical Director: Andreas Heim
  • Developers: JB Tellez, Jon Hunt, Tony Patino
  • Animators: Laura Tullio, Jason Medisky, Scott Porterfield
  • Senior Art Director, Audio Engineer: Steve D'Amico, Eric Goetz
  • Mattel Senior Producer: Maximina Juson
  • Mattel Producer: Tony Limon
  • Mattel Producer: Joel Poinsett
  • Mattel Supervisor/Creative: Hester Han
  • Mattel Senior Digital Designer: Mayra Espinoza
  • Mattel Senior Content Manager: Bonnie Steele
  • Mattel Senior Systems Analyst: Varun Tandon
  • Mattel Global Software Engineer: Praveen Panwar
  • Mattel Web Development Specialist: John Little
  • Mattel Lead Business Analyst: Vani Ramachandran