About the Agency

Our digital agency is purpose-built to help companies that believe customer experience is the defining strategic imperative of our day. With the strategic imagination of an agency, unleashed by the deep technical know-how of a consultancy, our execution never fails our vision. We dream big, build beautiful, measure confidently, and optimize obsessively. End-to-end is just the beginning.

The Team

  • Project Manager: Denise Evers
  • General Manager : Steve Glauberman
  • Analytics : Josh Angott
  • Content: Meghan O’Meara and Ami Walsh
  • Creative/UX Oversight : Dwayne Raupp and Adam Wilson
  • CX Strategy: Laurel Erickson
  • Design: Dan Kennedy and Andrew Hainen
  • Engineering: Pete Ferraro and Adam Kempa
  • Engineering: Karen Ford and Ryan Anderson
  • Engineering: Bryce Taylor and Michelangelo Accettura
  • Engineering: Ryan Phelan, Uttam Kumar and Preston Stewart
  • Quality Assurance and UAT Testing: Sangeeta Khalsa, Nadine Giusca and Matt Mettam
  • Quality Assurance and UAT Testing: Rob Asher and Steve Pheley
  • Quality Assurance and UAT Testing: Zakaria Ahmed and Sergey Zhelezovsky
  • Server Support: Tony Giusca
  • SEO: Ken Freel
  • UX: Krysta Stone