About the Agency

Student Caffé strives to provide the highest quality information to anyone interested in or currently pursuing higher education. Our articles guide students through admissions and financial aid with ease and help them thrive on campus. We aim to accommodate students with underrepresented circumstances and nontraditional stories by developing content tailored to their needs. Our commitment to inclusivity is further demonstrated by our attention to four-year college alternatives. We continually develop and update our content so that readers get the most accurate information. In an effort to reach a wider audience, Student Caffé is currently being translated into Spanish.

The Team

  • Founder: Randy Gervais
  • Executive Director: Megan Reynolds
  • IT Director: Heidi Fitzgerald
  • Editor and Lead Translator: Gwen Niekamp
  • Blog and Social Media Director: Katelyn Brush
  • Lead Writer: Megan Clendenon
  • Graphic Designer: James Niekamp

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