About the Agency

We are a web agency based in Pesaro, Milan, Rome, Treviso. We shape digital strategies for brands designing experiences, creating digital ecosystems, empowering marketing and managing omnichannel commerce. We consist of 10 departments, more than 25 professional skill profiles, 78 experts with an infinite passion for the digital world. We take care of more than 200 companies, leaders in their field within the Italian market and deeply active in global markets. The fields are very diverse, ranging from Finance&Services, Fashion&Beauty, Food&Beverage, Furniture&Design, Health Care, Information, Tourism&Real Estate, Software&IT, Manufacturing. We deal with: Strategy, Website e Apps, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Storytelling, Social Media, Video and Analytics.

The Team

  • Digital strategy director: Claudio Tonti
  • Art director: Corrado Francolini
  • Project Leader: Dante Sperindio
  • Web designers: Barbara Mandelli, Fabio Ottaviani, Alessandro Falchi
  • Web developer : Roberto Piemonti
  • SEO specialist: Francesca Ondedei
  • Analytics specialist: Luca Ruggeri
  • Maintenance area: Giampiero Calma
  • DTC specialist: Valerio Aversa
  • Sales manager: Riccardo Urti

Websolute S.p.A.