About the Client

For more than a century, CIT Group has been a leader in commercial financing, lending, and insurance. Now, CIT Bank is putting that experience to work for consumers like you. Continuing the tradition of innovation and service, CIT Bank offers a selection of products designed to help you reach your financial goals. So whether you’re saving for a new home, retirement or just looking for ways to make your money work harder, let us help you feel more confident in your tomorrow.

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The Team

  • Director of Marketing, CIT Bank: Michiko Kurahashi
  • Vice President, Marketing, CIT Bank: Nicole Rousseau
  • Vice President, Marketing, CIT Bank: Jason Zichelli
  • Senior Manager, Marketing, CIT Bank: Melissa Taw
  • Senior Vice President, New Product Development, CIT Bank: Jennifer Armstrong
  • VP Creative Director, Erwin Penland: Rob Lehmann
  • VP Creative Director, Erwin Penland : Tomas Kohoutek
  • SVP Director of Technology Innovation, Erwin Penland: Curtis Rose
  • UI Design Supervisor, Erwin Penland: Myles Grimm
  • UX Developer, Erwin Penland: Tyler Sloan
  • Senior UX Developer, Erwin Penland: Ron Gaulden
  • Creative Technology Supervisor, Erwin Penland: Ryan Burns
  • Account Director, Erwin Penland: Kate Jaffe
  • SVP Group Account Director, Erwin Penland : Kat Shafer