About the Agency

Hardworking work. Hardworking people. That’s what makes Crowley Webb one of the hardest working advertising agencies in America. We’ve been a no-nonsense, nose-to-the-grindstone, zero-drama, dirt-under-the-fingernails shop since our humble beginnings back in 1986. Our founders, Joe Crowley and John Webb, used a phone booth in downtown Buffalo as their first office. But an industrious spirit, along with a dedication to both the client and the work, led to continuous growth and made us who we are today – a group of talented people who work hard day after day after day to produce ideas that work equally hard.

The Team

  • Copywriter: Matt Low
  • Designer: Lillian Selby
  • Creative Director: David Buck
  • UX Designer: Marcia Rich
  • UX Designer: Jon Gerlach
  • Director of Digital Strategy: Alessandro Renzi
  • VP of Operations: Tricia Barrett
  • Account Executive: Chelsea Roth

Crowley Webb