About the Client

Deutsche Börse Cash Market champions regulated and transparent markets that enable efficient, safe and fair securities trading. We provide solutions for efficiently raising and allocating capital, in this way laying important foundations for the real economy. Through this commitment, we make a valuable contribution to ensuring the exchanges fulfil their macroeconomic role.

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The Team

  • Project Manager & Lead Strategy, Deutsche Börse AG : Carola Lübbing-Raukohl
  • Project Management Officer, Eurex Frankfurt AG / Deutsche Börse Group: Heike Uhlenbusch-Tuis
  • Project Owner, Eurex Frankfurt AG / Deutsche Börse Group: Simone Reinhold
  • Lead Technology, Eurex Frankfurt AG: Stefan Boländer
  • Lead Usability / Design, Deutsche Börse AG: Birgit Rädle
  • Project Manager (agency), ]init[ AG: Peer Goebels
  • Project Manager (agency), ]init[ AG: Christina Manoliu
  • Lead Development (agency), ]init[ AG: Matthias Hamann
  • Lead Design (agency), ]init[ AG: Thomas Neumann
  • Software Architecture (agency), ]init[ AG: Joachim Weinhart