About the Agency

Equal Measure is a 20-person, $5 million nonprofit evaluation and philanthropic services firm based in Philadelphia. Established in 1988 as the OMG Center for Collaborative Learning, we have evolved into a growing professional services consulting firm focused on helping social sector stakeholders, including major private and community foundations, national and regional nonprofits, and government organizations, develop and implement impactful social change strategies. In our evaluation services, we help our clients achieve maximum reach and influence through practical insights from mixed-method, interdisciplinary approaches. In our philanthropic services, we turn best practices into programs, investments, and communities of practice, while remaining connected to on-the-ground realities that inform all of our work. We engage as thought partners with our clients, working together to solve today’s most pressing and wide-ranging social challenges, from educational and health disparities to systemic barriers to opportunity.

The Team

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Equal Measure