About the Client

The German Finance Minister directs the Ministry in line with the policy framework defined by the German Chancellor. He is the member of government responsible for all aspects of Germany’s fiscal and tax policy, the general scope of economic and monetary policy, and the preparation of the federal budget and financial plan.

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The Team

  • Idea, Conception and Editorial Responsibility / Federal Ministry of Finance: Dr. Rouven Klein
  • Head of Public Relations Division / Federal Ministry of Finance: Dominik Grobien
  • Graphics / Federal Ministry of Finance: Bianca Emmerich
  • Photographs / Federal Ministry of Finance: Jörg Rüger
  • Project manager / ]init[ AG: Antje Vollmer
  • Web Design, Concept / ]init[ AG: Thomas Neumann
  • Content Editor / ]init[ AG: Christiane Kirbach
  • Content Editor / ]init[ AG: Tobias Hauser