About the Client

As a national law firm with approximately 150 attorneys in offices from coast to coast, Foley & Mansfield provides legal expertise, creative solutions and extensive trial experience across multiple jurisdictions. We are committed to a value-based business model, delivering results-oriented and cost-effective legal solutions that best meet our clients' needs.

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The Team

  • Director of Marketing/Project Lead: Liz Dunlap Hersey
  • Director of IT/Technical Lead: Terry Pressley
  • Partner/Web Team Attorney Liaison: Scott Holmes
  • Manager of Litigation Support/Web Team: Amy Koski
  • Marketing Specialist/Web Team: Caitlin Niedzwiecki
  • Technical Support/Web Team: John Bierman
  • Spyder Trap/Agency Creative Designer: Kim Hecomovich
  • Spyder Trap/Web Developer: Allyson Beckers