About the Agency

I am a high school student who is a self-taught web developer. I not only like to build applications that interest me for fun but I also love to build applications that can be useful to people’s lives. Although I'm not paid for my projects yet, coding mobile and web applications satisfy my passion for technology and my aspiration to become a professional computer scientist. Whether it’s a fun app that my friends want or a brand new website to represent my high school, programming is what I love. There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing people appreciate and enjoy the art I create on my keyboard.

The Team

  • Website Creator: Bradley Chee
  • Front-End Developer: Bradley Chee
  • Back-End Developer: Bradley Chee
  • Website Designer: Bradley Chee
  • Content Manager: Bradley Chee
  • Project Manager: Bradley Chee
  • Technical Advisor: Jared Amalong

Bradley Chee Web Design