About the Agency

LIQWID® was founded by Nikolai Mentchoukov and Jim Rowan in 2010. LIQWID® Digital Studio, with its award-winning technology, creates and delivers innovative and responsive Liqwid ads into any responsive online environment as well as into the highly valuable space on the viewers’ screens outside of the content page on any web property. Liqwid ad instantly reconfigures and scales itself when delivered, regardless of the ad size, dimensions or placement location, to fit on any device, any website or mobile property including responsive properties and in any space. With no changes in existing websites required, Liqwid creates new, viewable and premium inventory with ads that have 100% of the creative in view, bringing significant incremental revenue to publishers. Agencies and advertisers are provided large, creative palettes, for highly impactful ad creative and messaging, with ads that always fit perfectly in any-dimension space, enabling for cross-property and cross-device campaigns with a single ad unit. The company also features innovations like Viewer-Directed Placement and local dayparting to enhance the accuracy of measurable deliverables and scheduling. The company has offices in Salt Lake City, UT and Nevada. For more information about Liqwid technology, visit http://www.liqwid.com/ or contact Sarah Prater at 800-870-5006 or sp@liqwid.com. The company’s Twitter feed is @LiqwidAdTech (#liqwidads).

The Team

  • CEO: Nikolai Mentchoukov
  • Chairman and President: Jim Rowan
  • Director of Business Development: Sarah Prater