About the Client

Lak Radio (www.lakradio.lk) with a strong focus on news and current affairs, local issues, lifelong learning, community access and arts and culture, the station's programs reflect the many communities that make up Sri Lanka.

The station is committed to supporting and promoting the arts in Sri Lanka and broadcasts specialist music programs not often heard on other station's Sinhalese classical, blues, folk, modern, Hindi and Tamil Music, Indigenous and ethnic.

Lak Radio was Sri Lanka's leading online community radio station among the workers out side the Sri Lanka and after two years it continues to provide quality, in-depth, engaging programming. As one of the country's most popular community broadcasters, Lak Radio is a real alternative for people curious about new ideas, issues, sounds, live chat, music and culture.

For our audio visual followers we plan to have a variety of programs to suit our listeners and we hope to reach far and wide and uplift the lives of Sri Lankans all over the world with a wide range of programs in the field of entertainment news and education where people can exchange their Ideas across the globe. We hope to deliver peoples expectations and be able to entertain and gather a broad spectrum of followers by delivering a service that is tailored to the listener's requirements. the Dumi international media group hope to take a prominent spot in the broadcasting field we hope to deliver a unparalleled service, we have invested in the best technology to be able to deliver the No 1 service in Sri lanka to our listeners.

We will be broadcasting Lakradio in a manner that the whole world can tune in. Our partner news site www.lakpuvath.lk is published in three major global languages, we well be delivering a broad range of programs to suit all tastes. We will be giving the whole family entertainment, sports, comedy and much more. The Dumi International group is at the forefront of delivering quality entertainment via the internet for the whole family.

Our Web Development Partner
Vishmitha (www.vishmitha.com) is a privately held web designing & cloud hosting company locates in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Our mission is to make web hosting affordable and give outstanding customer support with a fast and reliable network. Even though Vishmitha provides many other solutions other than web design and hosting, our aim and goal always focus on proving reliable and trustworthy web solutions. Vishmitha started from an idea, grew in to a purpose, became a goal, and then a reality. In that journey, we’ve helped many businesses and individuals along a similar path, and met a lot of great people in the process.

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The Team

  • Chairman - Lak Radio: Duminda Mayadunna
  • Managing Director - Lak Radio: Sampath Kotalawala
  • Senior Program Manager / Editorial Consultant - Lak Radio: A D Chathuranga De Alwis
  • Web Developer / CEO - Vishmitha: Harsha Gomes
  • Web Administrator - Vishmitha: Rasika Udagama