About the Agency

Onsearch Interactive Solutions is a marketing and technology consulting firm helping companies acquire new customers, reduce operational costs, and increase productivity through the use of technology. Services include: - Custom Software & Web Application Development - Microsoft SharePoint - E-commerce - Pay per Click Advertising - Email Marketing For more info please visit: www.onsearchinteractive.com. For more info about Finect, please visit: www.finect.com

The Team

  • CEO/Executive Sponsor: David Olivares
  • COO/Project Leader: Ariel Kellmer
  • Senior Designer/Design: Heliana Parnisari
  • Senior Web Developer/Programming: Arturo Civit
  • CEO/Executive Sponsor: Nicolas Oriol
  • IT Product Manager/IT: Lorena Salamero
  • Web Developer/Programming: Miguel Perez García
  • CTO/IT: Jaime Muñoz Palladano
  • Product Manager/Management: Álvaro de Andrés Agustín

Onsearch Interactive