About the Agency

E-Dublin is the largest website aimed at Brazilian expats living in Ireland. Founded in 2008, the site has been chosen by several vehicles and media publications as one of the most influential blogs for exchange students in Brazil. Since its launch in 2008, E-Dublin has helped over 1 million Brazilians searching for information about studies abroad. E-Dublin has been awarded and recognized globally for its outstanding work. E-Dublin has also a video channel on YouTube with weekly updates about life in Ireland in general. The channel has achieved over a million views in less than a year of its launch.

The Team

  • Eduardo Giansante: Founder and CEO
  • Maira Marra: Sales Manager
  • Danilo Prado: Web Designer
  • Avany Franca: Content Manager
  • Daniel Sandes: Video Producer and Director
  • Elaine Nunes: Journalist
  • Tamara Lorena: Editor