About the Client

Humana rolled out The My Diabetes Path (MDP) program and successfully engaged Medicare Advantage members in a multi-channel, multimedia intervention that leveraged dLife’s proprietary content, tools, and online community to promote better self-management of their diabetes and improved quality outcomes. My Diabetes Path is designed to improve awareness, engagement, and education on diabetes self-management and control. This approach allows participants to adopt and sustain effective diabetes self-care behaviors at their own pace. The program targets improvements in compliance with recommended screenings, A1C and LDL control, member knowledge about diabetes self-care, and adoption of positive self-care practices that will help members improve their health and well-being. dLife Healthcare Solutions applies evidence-based content and technology solutions built specifically for health plans and healthcare providers who want to engage their diabetes populations as consumers of their own healthcare and owners of their own condition. dLife has demonstrated positive and direct impact on health outcomes via a recently completed randomized trial performed by the Geisinger Healthcare System.

The Team

  • Chief Content Officer: Paula Ford-Martin
  • Senior Editor: Lynn Prowitt
  • Associate Editor: Erin Coakley
  • Video Production Coordinator: Zen DeJesus
  • dLife MDP Program Director: Sue Ennis
  • dLife MDP Project Manager: Jim Palmer
  • dLife Design Director: Shannon Georger-Clifford