About the Client

Chapman's Marketing and Communications department functions as a full-service, internal media agency for the entire university. We're here to make sure information and messages about Chapman are consistent, creative and effective, in all types of mediums. For marketing and communications projects from events to advertising to student recruitment and more, our department is the first place you should come.

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The Team

  • VP of Marketing: Mark Woodland
  • Chapman Project Manager: David May
  • Webmaster: Mandy Thomas
  • BREI Project Manager: Chris Cox
  • Web Coordinator: Andy Anderson
  • Web Coordinator: Valerie McNutt
  • Web Coordinator: Ross Loehner
  • Senior Web Designer (Chapman): Meghan Farrington
  • Web Designer (BREI): Matt Spangler
  • Programmer (BREI): Dave Magerl
  • Web Developer: Micah Smith
  • Web Developer: David Kir
  • Web Technology: Rory Reiff
  • Quality Assurance: Alan Lucas
  • Photographer : McKenzi Taylor